Episode 185

New Year, Same Us

New year, same ol' Critical Banter. To kick off the year of the rabbit, the boys indulge in their New Years' resolutions which involve drunken stupors, Lego building and Spotify reviews. Rohit also tells a tale of how to ask your mum for relationship advice without asking your mum for relationship advice.

Back again in 2023 is the timeless classic 'Bullslut' - where we challenge each other to name as much of a certain category as we can within 30 seconds. This week's edition includes World Cup countries, colours & board games.

We cap off this week's episode with another classic segment 'Mind your Manners'. In this segment, we yarn about the do's and don't's of social ettiquette, and how to right those wrongs. Sen starts us off with discourse on how and when to pick up the bill, and leads into Rohit discussing paying for someone else's parking ticket, destroying clothing at the airport amongst many more.

Also this week: Critical Banter Live, hidden relationships, AFL teams and uncompromising greed.



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Established by 4 high-school friends in 2018, Critical Banter was formed through a shared love of comedy, entertainment and gaming. The launch of the podcast in 2019 was, at first, to validate their humour beyond their family and friends.

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