Episode 184

2022 in Review

Final week of the year, final episode of the Critical Banter Podcast for 2022. We end the year just as we started, Kush going MIA and missing the recording session alongside shameless self-indulgence from the rest of the boys. Sen recounts some tales of how he has been spotted in the wild by some of the listeners, and we gain some insight into Miguel's unfortunate addiction to lootboxes.

To wrap-up the year, we rank the months of 2022 in 'Year in Review'. Going from 12th to 1st, we take a look back at all the memorable pop culture, Australian, Global and personal events and milestones that have occurred throughout the year and see how each month stacks against each other.

For the final segment of the year, we introduce a new segment called 'Career Limiting Moves' where we chat through and judge whether a workplace behaviour, experience or incident will limit one's self in progressing at a given company or career as a whole. This week's edition involves unfortunate bathroom and webcam incidents, as well as blatant disregards for professionalism.

Also this week: Srikar, Queen Elizabeth, Will Smith, blocking exes & cupping your balls.



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Established by 4 high-school friends in 2018, Critical Banter was formed through a shared love of comedy, entertainment and gaming. The launch of the podcast in 2019 was, at first, to validate their humour beyond their family and friends.

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