Episode 237

Karl Marx To Replace David Warner? (with Rohan)

Second episode of the year and we’re already down on troops, forcing us to bring in an emergency sub. We searched far and wide for our guest today as he makes his triumphant return to the pod, 237 episodes later. Our high school friend Rohan is back after 4.5 years and he brings with him a yarn about a very left wing cricket team he’s recently joined. We then ask for his expert legal opinion on a recent story we heard about our high school before we inevitably descend into swapping yarns from our time in school.

Our game this week is the “Inflation Game.” Quite a straightforward game, Rohit gives Miguel and Rohan a common item and they have to guess what the price of that item was back in 2010.

Final segment this week is “City Battles.” With Rohan recently moving to Melbourne from Sydney, what better time to pit Australia’s largest 2 cities head to head to finally decide which city reigns supreme (we all know the answer is Sydney).



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